Site servicing layout for subdivision, municipal infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects.

Establish additional site control and benchmarks.

Provide site related finish floor datum benchmarks.

Site servicing layout includes but not limited to sanitary, storm and water-main servicing, roads, curbs, sidewalks, fences, and site electrical layout.

Site layout to include cut and fill stakes for all items listed above.

Site grading layout for earthwork projects, including pre and post construction surveys, rough & finish grade staking, and earth quantity take-offs.

Building and structural layout, footings, foundations, columns, piers, and bolt configurations.

Road alignments, bridges, & all road related structures.

Railway construction layout.

Industrial and mechanical layouts for machining and assembly line equipment setups.

Industrial equipment and tank foundation layout (pre and post foundation excavation if needed).

Quantity take-off surveys.

Land Title Surveys (ALTA/NSPS and TSPS Cat. 1A)

Laser Scanning

Improvement, Topographic, and Tree Surveys for Civil Design

Easements and ROW Surveys

Elevation Certificates